Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club
Morse code CQ CQ DE W8PLP LANSING, MI 73 K

CMARC Welcomes New Hams to the Hobby!

The Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club takes great pride in welcoming New Amateurs with open arms. We even have our very own “Club Ambassador”, Don McLain (KB8RAD). For years, Don has collected and compiled a stack of goodies, including wall maps, stickers, information on equipment from the major manufacturers and the like. When a newly licensed Ham gets involved in CMARC, it is likely that Don will present he/she with a packet of these goodies.

KD8HLR and KB8RAD KD8HLR and KB8RAD Nice Wallmap!
Don (KB8RAD) presents Richard (KD8HLR) with his packet at RAD’s Coffee Break in Lansing

This page, suitably named the “Ham Sources Page” is a great place to keep coming back to for new and prospective Amateurs. This page is one you will want to visit often, because there will be a constant flow of antenna plans, kit ideas, operating help.....basically everything a New Ham wants in an Amateur Radio website.

We cannot do this alone, so credit will be dutifully shared. If we find something you might be interested in, we will tell you where we got it, so you can thank them for posting it.

For CMARC Members & Visitors...Downloads and More!

Among the many things you will find on this page, you may now include the CMARC Bylaws in PDF format. As usual, this document required ADOBE ACROBAT. If you don’t have Acrobat, Click Here

CMARC Bylaws

Want to Become an Amateur Radio Operator?

What is Amateur Radio all about? Click Here for an informative brochure.

Technician Class Question Pool (Valid July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2022)
General Class Question Pool (Valid from July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2023)
Extra Question Pool.doc (Valid from July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2020

CMARC has Technical training classes to help anyone just starting out in the amateur radio hobby. If you or someone you know is interested please check out the CMARC licensing classes page.

The club also has a lending library for those who desire to hit the books, but without the funds to do so. Either way the members are here to help you earn your way out on the air.

Did you recently pass your Technician Class, General Class, or Extra Class exam and now you’re waiting (im)patiently to see your new callsign, or upgrade online? Here is the link. Once you get to the page, in the center you will see a seach box, select "By Name", then type in your name (Last name, First name) and hit enter. If you have been given a callsign....you may get on the air immediately thereafter.

You can also check the QRZ database , but it is often 24 hours behind the FCC database, so we recommend that you use that one first.

Equipment Reviews

Trying to decide what your next rig should be? We have some great reviews, from the ARRL and QST magazine. Below is a list...just click your choice and read all about your rig of choice. Don’t see yours listed? Contact us and we’ll see if it is available! You might also consider a membership to the ARRL, because all of these reviews and MORE are available on their website...

File (click here) Type
Elecraft K3/100 Elecraft HF/6m Rig
Telepost LP-Pan Panadapter add-on for K3
Wattmeters/Paddles Wattmeter and High End Paddle Review
DC-AC Inverters/Charger DC to AC Inverters and Maha Batt. Charger
ICOM IC-7200/Micro Node HF/6M Rig & IRLP Micro Node
ICOM IC-7600 HF/6M Successor to 756 Pro3
Alinco DJ-175T 2 meter HT
ICOM 2200H 2 meter Mobile
ICOM 208H Dualband Mobile
Yaesu FT-60R Dualband HT (1000 Memories)
Yaesu FT 2800 2 meter 65 watt Mobile
ICOM IC-7000 VHF, UHF, HF Mobile
Kenwood TS-2000 VHF, UHF, HF Base
ICOM 746 Pro VHF, HF Base
ICOM 756 Pro 3 HF, 6 meter Base
Kenwood TM-D710A Dualband APRS Ready Mobile
Kenwood TH-D7A Dualband APRS HT

Stuff to Read, Antennas and Other Gadget Projects:

For the new (and not so new) Hams out there, we have compiled some great antenna and gadget designs for you...and even some of the fancy handouts you might see at a local swap. We are always adding, so please come back often, but take a look at some of these goodies we’ve compiled so far.

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What’s Echolink? Check out the recent presentation!

File (click here) Type
Coaxial Coaxial Dipole (Thanks to W8EB)
EZ Antennas EZ Antenna Project PDF (unknown source)
KB9VBR Article KB9VBR Copper J-Pole (article)
KB9VBR Plans KB9VBR J-Pole (plans)
DBJ-1 J-Pole DBJ-1 J-Pole ($10 or so)
Roll Up 2m Antenna The WB8NUS Roll-Up 2m Antenna
Tape Measure Tape Measure Fox Hunter Antenna
WAS Map ARRL Worked All States Map
US Grid Map ICOM US Grid Map
W8HVG Link Map W8HVG Link Map (Michigan)
Ham Band Chart A ICOM Ham Bands Chart
HF Band Chart B W1CGS Ham Bands Chart
VHF Band Chart W1CGS VHF Band Chart
Club Flier CMARC, Repeater Information Sheet

Lansing Area ARPSC & SKYWARN...it’s NOT Just Another Net!

For many of us, the summer of 2007 was anything but ordinary. On August 24th, a series of severe storms raked the Greater Lansing area, spawning at least two tornadoes. The first, an EF3 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, struck northeastern Eaton County and devastated several homes. The second, an EF1, blew through south Lansing hitting a mobile home park, several businesses and a campground, before dissipating.

Below are links to a PDF files, which have been compiled from many sources, including Members of our ARPSC Group, NOAA and our local SKYWARN Team. These are excellent resource tools and they underscore the need for a trained team in the field.

File (click here) Type
Radiogram Lansing ARPSC Radiogram Form in PDF
Crossbanding Crossbanding Information - Good Piece!
Potterville/Lansing Tornado Report from August 24, 2007
Lansing Tornado Tornado Report from June 08, 2008
ARPSC Training ARPSC Training PDF by Wayne, W8QG