Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club

Nets are perhaps the single most important aspect of Amateur Radio. It makes sense, really, when you consider that the foundation of Amateur Radio is Public Service and Communication. With that in mind, please consider joining us on an upcoming Net, won't you?


The Central Michigan Slow Scan TV Net, with your host Carl (K8YHH) meets every Sunday. If you're new to Slow Scan TV, or a Pro, you are welcome to join at 7 PM on the 145.39 (- Offset, 100 Hz PL) LCDRA Repeater. Click HERE to see the photos sent during the Slow Scan Net.


The Lansing ARPSC Net is indefinitely postponed.


We have two Nets on Tuesday evenings, with both taking place at the same time, but on different repeaters. You are welcome to visit both.

The first is the Ladies Tea Time Net, held each Tuesday evening at 7 PM on the 145.39 (- Offset, 100 Hz PL) LCDRA Repeater. Your Net Control Operator, Jeanine Lieber (KK6GYM) welcomes one and all to this Net, which is primarily geared to the ladies out there. If you are a lady without a license, talk to your OM and get him to stand by while you check in 3rd party.

Yes, the guys are welcome too. Grab a nice, hot cup of tea and get in on the fun.

Second is the Quarter Century Wireless Association Net, with Net Control Operator, Don Tillitson (WB8NUS). The Net starts at 8 PM and is held on the 146.70 (- Offset, 107.2 Hz PL) LCDRA Repeater and is open to all licensed Amateurs.


Join Clyde Thompkins K8CPT as he carries on the tradition of the Mid-Michigan Information and Trader‘s Net. As local hams did before the net was moved to Sunday night, the net will now meet on Wednesday nights at 8 PM. This net along with many of our other local nets can be found on the 145.39 (- Offset, 100 Hz PL) LCDRA Repeater. You'll leave every week with an update of what's going on locally in our ham community, and a smile on your face.


The MSUARC Friends and Info Net meets every Thursday evening at 7:00 PM on the 145.39 (- Offset, 100 Hz PL) LCDRA Repeater, with Net Coordinator Gregg Mulder/WB8LZG. The first half of the net is time for chatting, while the second half is for Morse Code practice. If you wanted to learn Morse Code, but didn’t know how to go about doing it, then please join us. The speeds are kept down to a minimum, to make it easier to learn.

Let's remember & give thanks to all who maintain our local area repeaters from the Lansing Civil Defense Repeater Association (LCDRA) who give of their time & money to keep up the, 145.39, 146.94, 146.70, 145.47, 224.98 repeaters. Without which we would not be able to have the wonderful Net's we enjoy!