Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club
Morse code CQ CQ DE W8PLP LANSING, MI 73 K

Ladies Only Group Picture


Please join me every Tuesday evening at 7 pm on the 145.39 (100 Hz PL) Lansing-area repeater for the “Ladies Tea Time Net”. The Net can also be accessed via the EchoLink *DODROPIN* Conference Server (Node ID# 355800). The main goal of this Net is to get our Lady Hams out on the air each week, having fun as they visit together. And for those Ladies without a Ham license...you can still check in “Third Party”, as long as your licensed husband or friend checks in first. Remember, we always look forward to having our Gentlemen join us for a fun time, too, right AFTER the “Ladies Only” portion of the Net!! So, pour yourself a cup of hot tea, key up the mic and join me for the “Ladies Tea Time Net”. I'll be listening for you!!

~Jeanine Lieber, KK6GYM~
Ladies Tea Time Net Control
Jeanine Lieber KK6GYM
Ladies Only Coordinator