Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club
Morse code CQ CQ DE W8PLP LANSING, MI 73 K

Please Visit One of our Many Lansing Area Repeaters

We are especially fortunate in the Lansing Area to have several repeaters available to us. While this list may not be exhaustive, we will do our best to bring you a comprehensive list, so you know where to find us.

The three most popular repeaters are sponsored by the Lansing Civil Defense Repeater Association and a link to their site is on the left or by clicking on any LCDRA underlined link. We also have two Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP) Nodes listed. For more information, click on the underlined links and take a look!

Frequency Location Offset / PL / Notes
145.39 Potterville (-) offset, 100 Hz PL, Skywarn Main Repeater, LCDRA
146.70 Lansing (-) offset, 107.2 Hz PL, LCDRA
146.94 Lansing (-) offset, 100 Hz PL, Skywarn Backup Repeater, LCDRA
145.47 Lansing (-) offset, 100 Hz PL, IRA Link System (Lansing Remote Receive Site), W8IRA
145.47 Okemos
(See notes)
This remote recieve site is down, but will be back up when the 145.39 returns to Okemos.
145.47 Onondaga (-) offset, 114.8 Hz PL, IRA Link System, W8IRA
224.98 Lansing (-) offset, 100 Hz PL, LCDRA
442.025 Lansing (+) offset, No PL,N8JI
442.425 Lansing (+) offset, 100 Hz PL, KD8PA
444.125 Lansing (+) offset, 107.2 Hz PL, DTACS, N8DEF
442.900 E.Lansing (+) offset, 77 Hz PL, Michigan State University
442.050 Dimondale (+) offset, 100 Hz PL, N9UV
147.08 Charlotte (+) offset, 103.5 Hz PL, Skywarn Eaton County, K8CHR
443.625 Charlotte (+) offset, 100 Hz PL, Skywarn Eaton County, IRLP Node #7930, N8HEE
442.725 Lansing (+) offset, 100 Hz PL, KB8SXK
443.700 Mason (+) offset, No PL, WB8RJY
147.02 Owosso (+) offset, 100 Hz PL, N8DVH
446.150 Owosso Simplex, 173.8 Hz PL, IRLP Node #4035, KD8AYM
146.68 Howell (-) offset, 162.2 Hz PL, Skywarn, L.A.R.K.
146.88 Jackson (-) offset, 100 Hz PL, W8JXN
145.13 Portland (-) offset, 94.8 Hz PL, N8ZMT
145.27 Lowell (-) offset, 94.8 Hz PL, National Weather Service During Skywarn, LARC
51.70 Onondaga (-) offset (51.20 input), 192.8 Hz PL, WB8RJY