Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club

Countdown Timer

On Saturday April 27th at 12:30 PM, our electronics class will build this nifty digital clock, stopwatch, count down timer, and increment counter. This is a soldering class and I want to invite our CMARC club members to attend and go home with something you can tell others “I built that”

The goal is to learn to solder or improve your skills in soldering.

This is a FREE class (donations to CMARC always accepted) but kits are limited, so we need an accurate head count. Students will be enrolled on a first come basis. Kits are limited to CMARC club members in good standing or anyone attending the Technician Licensing Class or Electronics Class.

This project can be used as a common clock, count up or down device or a incremental counter. It can be used to trigger another device after a predetermined time or count events with an external input like items on a conveyor belt, people entering a facility, or cars driving into a parking lot.

It will take about 2 hours to build this kit, depending on your skills. Please contact me Gordy Smith KE8JKS to reserve your spot and learn more details about the class.

If you have a soldering station, please bring it. If not, the club has a few new ones you can use. Safety glasses are required but not supplied. Safety glasses can be picked up for a couple of dollars at places like Harbor Freight, Lowe’s, or Menards.

Come meet people, learn new things and most importantly be a part of your club.

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