Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club

Note: The Listen Live to the 145.390 Repeater is currently out of order. We are working to restore this feature. We do not know exactly when the Listen Live feature will be restored.

Matt Miller (KD8OOS) at club station
Matt Miller (KD8OOS) shown operating the club station.

Joining The Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club and the Lansing Civil Defense Repeater Association is easy and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, either. For your convenience, we have included an application for you to download right here on the page.

Simply download the form, fill it out and either bring it to a future CMARC meeting, or mail it in. It's that easy.

Annual memberships are only $15 for Full Members (must be licensed by the FCC, with a current callsign) and only $5 for Associate Members (unlicensed individuals who wish to support the Club). And....effective immediately all newly licensed Amateurs are eligible for one free year of membership (you must request this within 30 days of receiving your CSCE) and those under the age of 18 are also eligible for free membership! Talk about value...

Included in your annual dues is a monthly copy of our Club Newsletter, "The SCOPE", which you may receive by email-or snail mail. As a Full Member you also have voting rights, so be sure to opt for Full if you are licensed. Every member's vote counts!

We have also included a membership application to the Lansing Civil Defense Repeater Association (LCDRA). LCDRA oversees the operation and maintenance of our local repeaters and annual memberships are only $15, with additional family memberships priced at only $7.50 annually.

Membership is not required with either organization to use the repeaters, but your support is welcome and appreciated. Click on the form below and it will open for you in .PDF format. (ADOBE ACROBAT READER IS REQUIRED) If you don't have Acrobat, Click Here

Membership Application